What Good Is It to Go to Knee Surgeons Melbourne?

Knee Surgeons Melbourne specialises in treating a wide variety of conditions. This can include repairing damaged ligaments, reconstructing a torn ligament or dislocated kneecap. They are also adept at assisting those with patellar subluxations. These conditions occur when the kneecap pulls too much on the front of the knee causing severe patellar pain. Subluxations are common among pregnant women and those engaged in some physical exertion such as running. Proper diagnosis is essential to determine the right course of treatment.

One knee problem that was treated successfully by the surgeons at Medelsa Park was a growth that had occurred on the back of the kneecap. A patient who was studying to become a teacher had developed this growth due to patellar tendonitis. The doctor who performed the surgical procedure on her was glad that he had contacted her about it early on so as to avoid an allocation of the tendon that could have been very painful.

Another procedure that did not require an invasive procedure was the wearing of a brace to help support the patella. This type of brace is usually made of high quality silicone and fit tightly around the kneecap to help support it. In the past it was necessary for people to wear full-length boots with the braces on as this placed too much strain on the foot. This is no longer necessary as the silicone brace now available provides support from below the heel.

On this issue the doctors were warmly complimented by a number of Knee Surgeons Melbourne clients for their understanding and assistance. One woman who suffers from a degenerative bone disease called osteoarthritis felt her pain had greatly reduced after wearing a knee brace for six months. At one point she experienced pain so severe that she was bed-ridden for three weeks. During this period of time her doctor forgot she even had a problem until one of the Ankle Joint Support Bracelets worn out. The brace was bought back and after regular checks she has been fit for a normal walk again.

On this issue there were a few comments that were raised by Knee Surgeons Melbourne customers. One of the complainers said she felt her pain reducing when wearing the brace but felt worse afterwards. Another person reported back pain that in the early stages did not bother her as her knees were strong and healthy. However, after her middle age days, she found her knees becoming sore and stiff even walking up a ramp. This went on until September last year when she started wearing an orthotic type of knee brace which has helped her to cope with the pain.

Knee Surgeons Melbourne orthopaedic surgeons took a different view on the problem of location. They reported that as many as one in five people may experience pain or restriction of movement at the time of their location. This usually occurs following a crash or some other type of sporting activity where the kneecap is ‘sheared off’. The good news for the patients is that the vast majority of these cases can be treated without the use of any type of operative procedure. Pain management is normally handled through anti-inflammatory medication and physiotherapy.

The other big problem reported was the lack of mobility at the time of the operation. This means that the surgeon will have to adjust the post operative positions over again if the patient does not respond well to the first set of positions. For some people the loss of knee extension has resulted in a loss of function of both the hip and thigh muscles, which also limit movement. As the muscles have lost the ability to extend the knee further this means that the surgeon will have to perform another set of knee brace adjustments in addition to doing the initial work and this can lead to the patient having to repeat their work quite often.

Overall it can be said that the work of the surgeons at the Knee Surgeons Melbourne has been able to make a real difference to the number of patients who can now return to sport with full participation, even in instances where it has been long ago decided that knee injuries would restrict sporting activities. Recovery times have been reduced considerably due to better post operative techniques and pain management procedures, as well as the equipment used. However, more than this, the fact remains that many of these patients had in the past required long term medical care and may well now be requiring physiotherapy to deal with the changes to their bodies which have occurred as a result of the operation. This all means that it is now much easier for patients to return to sporting activity after undergoing one of the major operations which has helped to modernize the physiotherapy industry.

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