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Care Exchange

"Families coming together with other families."

Care Exchange

Is about families supporting families. Care Exchange is a wonderful opportunity for families to come together and share experiences and strategies, with the overall goal of creating networks to facilitate reciprocal care of family members.

How does it work?


Families and individuals are carefully assessed and matched with similar families to form a Care Exchange Cluster of 4 to 6 families.


Families and individuals are introduced to each other in formal (eg. school holiday program) and informal (eg. parent organised activities) settings.

Credit System

When families join the Care Exchange Program they start with 20 credits. Care Exchange Families can offer to provide support for other Members and earn credits or request support from other Care Exchange Members and use their credits.


When a family is providing care/support they can choose to also be supported by a Support Worker/Mentor.

Long Term Benefit

Increased familiarity and expertise will help to facilitate a progressive reduction in the number of hours that the care family will require the support of a Disability Support Worker.

Additional Training

Autism Plus will provide additional training and support for families to participate and contribute to the Care Exchange program.