Best Food To Keep Your Teeth Healthy

Your teeth are one of the most important parts of your body. Imagine, removing your teeth for one second: how would you chew or eat in comfort? Your teeth are vitally important so that is why people look after them. But as often as you brush and floss them, the food you eat is just as important.

So what foods are important to keep your teeth healthy? We spoke to the best Dentists in Cranbourne in Shine Dental Group, about the best foods you can enjoy for your teeth – so you can avoid having major Cosmetic Dentistry surgery.

Drink Plenty Of Tea

You will be surprised that tea is super healthy for your teeth. Why is that the case? It is because teas contain polyphenols, which are known for slowing the buildup of bacteria and cavities in your mouth. Therefore, teas will stop bacteria from damaging your mouth, as well as acting as a barrier to keep bad germs out.

A Wealth Of Cheeses

Over the years, dairy has become the standing point when it comes to building strong bones and helping with dental health because of the calcium involved. But more was discovered, one that is super important: cheese has been proven to reduce the oral acidity levels of those who eat it. In fact, such is the value, those acidity levels are lower in those who eat it than in those who drink milk or consume sugar-free yogurt.

Fresh Fruits

We all know that sugar is the worst for your teeth. Eat too much of it and it will destroy your teeth completely. But your body still needs natural sweeteners to keep it going throughout the day. Thankfully, that comes in fruits. From apples to raisins, wholesome fruits can make the difference for your teeth so try to eat as much of it as you can.  If you’re looking for a sweet snack that won’t have a negative impact on your teeth, fresh fruits are your best choice.

Crunchy Food

When you chew food that’s crunchy, you’re actually helping your dental health. That’s because chewing vegetables like apples, carrots, and other raw veggies require hard chewing. This chewing can contribute to breaking down the plaque in your mouth and act as natural teeth cleaners.

When it comes to these foods, you know you are helping out your teeth for the better. Keep at them and you will notice that your teeth are healthy for ages!

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